Wednesday, November 14, 2012

50 Shades of Dre....ON THE WAY!

Dreggae – International Music Artist

The south had no idea what they were in for when this handsome, educated young man jumped on the music scene. In my opinion, Dre is exactly what good music today is missing. If island & popular music got together, their love child would be Dreggae! The sound cannot be categorized in any one genre. Dreggae Music stands alone. The movement is alive & is spreading like wildfire!
From his first mixtape “The Unsigned Legend” to his last project “The Leak”, Dre continues to reinvent the overall musical experience for fans. The music is positive yet relatable. The Unsigned Legend tracks such as “Never Give Up”, “My technique” & “I Don’t Trust You” all give lyrical insight on this talented musician.
Audiences worldwide were blown away when Dre put his original vibe on the Demi Lovato track “It’s Not Over”. People were amazed with the song but even more impressed with the video. The video shot in Atlanta at varies historic locations. Ceo of BDBMG Duane ‘Biggz Di Boss’ Gordon helped bring this vision to life on a completely different level. You’ve never seen the streets of Atlanta quite like that before. With over 33,000 views on Youtube, that track continues to climb new heights. Check out the video here:
Dre recently released his first Itunes single entitled “Lights Low”. The track is quickly taking off with thousands of downloads worldwide. We can only imagine what that video will entail.
This charismatic gentleman was featured on the Southern City Greeks Mixtape: Beyond The Letters this past summer. Track number 16 entitled “Rum Days, Vodka Nights” gave this project some unexpected island flavor. Talks of an exotic Caribbean vacation romance you and keep you wanting more. The mixtape is currently available for download via
This suave man of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated has the ladies salivating at the mouth in anticipation of his long awaited upcoming project. The album is entitled “50 Shades of Dre”. We can expect him to bring some new flavor with that same Dreggae vibe.
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Written by: Ashbeezy Breezy
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