Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A letter From Journey Brave...

I'm so excited about this!!! This is my first official album release since 2003 when Walter Scott and I dropped a project called "The Legacy". You'd have to do some real digging to find this one! (Shout out to my Richmond, VA Fam, I love all y'all cause you helped make me). I went from being a devote Christian who desired to minister to the masses, to being what I once considered a heathen. This was an interesting process. Demoted from angel to demon, king to peasant, holy to human. Humbled by life, I felt abandoned. Ridiculed by brothers, I felt ostracized. Sin-full, I felt free. No longer chasing that Holy High. I felt liberated. I began to re-structure my attitudes like a new regime... later realizing that until there is a BALANCE of power, the regime will fall because of unbalance. Eventually, I left my job, I lost my girl, and I lost my place. This was all a result of the pursuit of my dream. My severe lack of foresight and extreme conviction lead me leave my career, move to Georgia and choose to wait tables for 5years. Wow!!! Crazy right? Well, everything happens for a reason and that's to learn. The service industry, a long with all of the other craziness that was going on in my life, unwittingly helped me begin to listen and anticipate peoples needs, read body language and voice patterns; it helped me empathize before I criticized. I learned psychology, business, patience, kindness, and understanding. I understand anger and selfishness, joy and the importance of giving. I understand ministry (service). The path that seemed to break me, strengthen me and is making me who I desire to be. I no longer proclaim to worship an Icon of religion, I just do my best to love myself, others, and God. I no longer make music to "get on"; I make it to "get higher." This isn't just my story; it’s the story of most successful people I know. They followed their hearts, experienced pain, endured it, and overcame every obstacle in their way. This is what "Journey Brave" is about. It's about the fight and the victory, the hate and the love. It's about The People. This is what I wanted Susie Fife to portray in this picture. You decide what it means for you, I know what it means to me. As you journey through life...Journey Brave.

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