Monday, May 14, 2012

Progressive Updates...Journey Brave

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Lyrical Theater 

May 18th at the Star Theater Journey Brave will be performing with some of Atlanta's most energetic and entertaining Hip Hop artists. The Star Theater is located off of 840 Ralph David Abernathy  Atlanta, Ga 30310. This will not be your typical hip-hop show, expect to be thoroughly entertained. The entry fee is only $10. I hope to see you there.

Journey Brave:  

I've Been Working very hard lately to expand my boundaries and tap into other creative outlets. I've recently started my photography company "Journey Brave Photographyand I want to share my work with you. and see what I've been creating. Book me for your next event, family gathering, or have me come to your favorite place and capture the essence of you personality. If you're a business owner and you would like pictures to help your marketing campaign, contact me and let's make it happen.

My Life Is Music: 

My New Album is available for sale, buy it and enjoy it. I've provided the option for you  to listen to the entire thing before you purchase it, just click on the album cover below.Topurchase physical copies click here and visit my online distribution site.

"Journey Brave"
                              Click Here to listen to the album  
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The People
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We are the people who can change our world... Journey Brave.

Journey Brave
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