Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Year of Bad Gal Bambi!


 2012 Is The Year Of BadGalBambi

It takes more than a gimmick to make a real impact in music. Confidence, creativity & determination all describe international dancehall recording artist Bad Gal Bambi. 
Although she was dimed ‘The First Lady’ of Red Square Productions it was not a title given overnight. Constantly being overlooked by A&Rs did not discourage this determined young woman. No other female emcee could blend that unique rap/reggae sound. She worked diligently to cultivate her craft, build strong business connections and above all stay connected to the community.
In 2005, when ‘Bad Gal Forward’ was released, the Brooklyn native was unaware of the world wind underway. Her track was being played all over the world. This is the age of the internet. Information can be shared in one click. Asia, Africa, Europe & of course the Caribbean had taken notice to this female phenomenon. They soon wondered “Who is Bad Gal Bambi?” and “What will she do next?” 
Bambi was humbled by the love shown by her overseas audience but did not know that locally people we taking notice as well. She’s been blessed to have worked with Jah Snowcone, Noel Parks & Salaam Remi. Relatives & friends let her know that her tracks were being played at all the parties. Brooklyn loved her and the feeling was mutual.
Red Square Productions CEO Spragga Benz had taken notice of Bambi’s ability to captivate an audience and keep them engaged. He never had a female artist in his camp before. With encouragement from Afrikan Vybz, he realized she would bring a new vibe to the unit. It was like a dream come true for Bambi to be recognized by one of the most prolific musicians of our time. 
Bambi didn’t waste any time when she jumped on board Red Square. By the spring of 2011, Bambi was pleased to announce the release of her first full mix tape “Sure” (Search Bad Gal Bambi on ITunes). The project included Legendary, Have It Yah & Sure. The mix tape also included a controversial track that gave Bad Gal Bambi a taste of the Real Industry. The track entitled “Real Bad Gal” was a response to a track featuring a well known female emcee from Queens. Many claim that Bambi was being disrespectful but she remains that she simply stated what was on her mind regarding that particular track.
Since that release, Bad Gal Bambi has toured the U.S. as well as overseas, appeared in multiple music videos and continues to make a stand for strong beautiful women in music. Her latest video “BK All Day” is quickly gaining momentum. This April’s release of “Any Weh” on the Sudden Death Riddim Produced by Red Boom (formally Red Bull) has supporters in suspense about her next project. Bad Gal Bambi was only warming up. In early May, we expect to see & hear Bambi in Jamaica. Be sure to check out her YouTube video collection Follow her now
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